Tuesday, November 09, 2004

JAMELIA CALLS FOR ACROSS THE BOARD PAYCUTS FOR MUSICIANS: Oddly, Jamelia seems to think that bands get paid too much money, on the basis that she was able to take two year's maternity leave:

"Singers get paid way too much. I was able to have my daughter and sit at home for two years - how many people are able to do that?"

We're sure the bands who are really struggling to scrape by on per diems (they're named in latin as most managers haven't changed the daily rate they pay since Hadrian's day) will be tickled pink at the suggestion that they're all living the high life - if Jamelia really believes bands are paid too much, she wants to stand in an M1 service area at half one in the morning offering free Ginsters pasties - there'll be starving drummers and bassists and singers crawling all over her.

Of course, Jamelia lives in a world where Usher is the norm. Not that she likes Usher, either:

She said that when Usher told her he had bought a £100,000 gold chain, she was less than impressed.

She said: "I was like, 'That's so stupid! You should buy a house, rent it out and invest it.'

Thanks for your investment advice, Jamelia: and you're right, what sort of moron would invest their cash in something like gold when they could buy a terrace in Oldham and get some students in?

Personally, I'm kind of glad Usher isn't investing his cash in property - first because it means nobody has to deal with having Usher come round to do the landlord checks every six months - "hey, the fur-covered bedroom walls are showing some mange... sort that out"; secondly, and more importantly, while Jamelia blithely advises all her friends to eschew bling in favour of bricks and mortar, that's sucking houses out of the market, artificially inflating prices and making it much, much harder for first-time buyers to ever hope owning anything. In effect, Jamelia's trying to encourage a world where nurses and fire bobbies are always forced to live in rachmann-rental-rated houses. But cheers, love, so long as your pension is sorted, that'll be alright, then.