Wednesday, November 17, 2004

MICHAEL JACKSON? IN COURT? CAN YOU IMAGINE SUCH A THING?: We're sure Jacko will be able to find some time to squeeze in an extra bit of legal action, as Marc Shaffel joins the queue of people who'd like a little word with Jackson. Shaffel was the producer of the Jackson ripostes to Martin Bashir's documentary; the fawning, unquestioning whitewashes he helped create naturally found a home on Fox (network motto: When we call it journalism, Martha Gellhorn spins like a top) and he also helped Jackson make a charity single after September 11th. The single faded away after Shaffel's past making porn surfaced. Shaffel now says he never got his production fee for work on the Jacko whitewash, and that he loaned Jackson cash (apparently to buy jewels for Elizabeth Taylor and to persuade Marlon Brando to speak up in his favour) which he never got back.