Saturday, November 27, 2004

SACKED... AND JUST BEFORE CHRISTMAS, TOO: Virgin records have looked their artist list and, realising that somehow they'd signed Javine up two years ago, called her in for one of those conversations about regrets, and moving on, and best for everyone. Javine is, of course, putting a brave face on being dropped: she's got "other projects" including a West End show - although she doesn't say if she'll be completing the evening by having a nice dinner as well. The problem was, of course:

"Although I will always be grateful for the support and hard work of all the Virgin team, ultimately I wasn't releasing music that I felt truly represented me. I am determined to develop my true musical style."

Oddly, Virgin had been serving her up with pisspoor pop songs. Dunno where they got the idea that pisspoor pop songs might have been her style, what with her being discovered on Popstars, a place where she was judged as Not Quite Good Enough For Girls Aloud.