Monday, November 08, 2004

SCIENTISTS AGREE STANDARISED MEASURE OF "LIMITED INTEREST": There had been rumours, which we were prepared to dismiss, that Lisa Scott-Lee: The Series was going to go ahead. But it's true: MTV do believe there's a series in her life. Rather optimsitically, MTV describes the programme like this:

"It will be a classic, compelling show in the Osbournes/Newlyweds mould, as these stars and their loved ones expose real emotions and relationships. There will be laughter. There will be highs and lows."

The difference between the Osbournes and The Scott-Lees, of course, is that at least there was something compelling about the Osbourne family: 'rock god at home' is an interesting concept, even if when you tuned it you got little more than "confused old man and pushy, horrible relatives." We're not even sure MTV cares about the home life of Lisa or her "supporting characters", who would struggle to get their own caption in Heat magazine:

Stars set to appear on the show include Lisa's husband, Johnny Shentall, former star of Hear'say, as well as her brother Andy, who appeared in the second series of Pop Idol and his girlfriend, Liberty X's Michelle Heaton.