Saturday, November 27, 2004

YOU'RE NOT GOING OUT DRESSED LIKE THAT: You'll have noticed that Eminem has been attempting to move himself into a more mainstream position politically and culturally in the last couple of years; part of this has been trying to renegotiate his past stances as being not so far from the oped heads at the Daily Mail. Now he's got round to trying to explain away all the stuff about how women are bitches and hos: It's not that he doesn't respect women at all, you know: it;s because women don't respect themselves, silly: How can he help but damn women when they go out wearing short skirts and push-up bras?:

"I've seen groupies on the road and women just throwing themselves at you just because you're famous, and I hate that.

"It takes your opinion of women and lowers it. How can these girls dress like this? (I'm) not saying I'm not attracted to it, but how can these girls portray themselves in this way and then get mad if we call them a `bitch' or a `ho,' or whatever the case being?"

It's contributory negligence, innit? We wish Em luck with his apparent campaign to get a seat on the bench.