Tuesday, December 21, 2004

FANTASTIC MR FOX: Well, we thought we'd never see anyone more likely to put people off the whole idea of fox hunting than the puffy red faces of the "we're not really toffs" brigade at the Countryside Alliance, but then the world is always full of little surprises: Korn's Jonathan Davis has issued a considered defence of setting dogs onto foxes to rip their necks out:

"Fox hunting? That's fucking bullshit. That's an old fucking English tradition. You don't fuck with that. I'd fucking go fox hunting anyway.

"How is some cocksucker going to come and stop it?"

... which, oddly enough, is exactly the Countryside Alliance's official policy, although they say "dicksplash" rather than "cocksucker." We really do look forward to Davis being invited to join a ride-out on Boxing Day; it's always nice to be reminded of the quality of thought and philosophy in the pro-slaughter camp.