Monday, January 17, 2005

CLEAR: THE CANKER SPREADS: The twin missions of ensuring there's no view unencumbered by ambient advertising and flattening radio down to the point where it's so dull you need never switch it off isn't enough for Clear Channel. Oh no, they see other worlds to conquer, and are taking strides into flogging DVDs. Because, of course, CC care only about cutting costs to the bone ("synergy") their DVDs are going to be of concerts they put on, starting with the Trevor Horn. The man given the job of trying to make this sound all brilliant forever is Joe Townley:

"We want to be a player in the DVD market."

A DVD Player? Joe, how very last year. Everyone nowadays wants to be a DVD-R/Hard drive recorder combo at the very least. But there's more:

"DVD will be one of the company's largest growth areas this year. In 2005, we will exploit the ownership side of things on lots of levels. This music deal is the first one in place."

Presumably he means that there are also plans for them to release DVD collections 'The best of bus-stop single shot posters' for the Christmas market. But we look forward to watching CC "exploit the ownership side of things" until its eyes burst. Really we do.