Saturday, February 26, 2005

OH... YOU MEAN YOU'RE NOT BUGGERING OFF?: Travis Barker has popped up on LA Radio to try and "clarify" what's going on with his band - apparently Blink 182's hiatus might be less indefinite than we'd all been lead to believe ("hoped"):

"I think it's healthy to take a break. We did the same thing four years ago...we're taking a break and letting everyone be creative on their time off, and have fun and come back when it's time and when it's ready and right. I believe there's great things in the future."

Barker insisted that relations between he, bassist Mark Hoppus and frontman Tom DeLonge were as strong as ever: "I love those dudes; they're my brothers. I wanted to clear up the rumors of us fighting with each other or hating each other. It's just not true."

So far, so standard. What's interesting, though, is that for all Travis' protests about the way the band love each other like brothers, the "hiatus" seems to have been rather sudden and ill-planned: they cancelled a tsunami benefit because "it didn't seem like a healthy time to be playing shows. We needed that hiatus to start right away." Hmm... they all get on, but really, really couldn't play a gig for the worst disaster in living memory because they needed a break from each other that badly?

Even more odd: apparently, Travis didn't know anything about the management's plans to put out the statement about the hiatus. Curious.