Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Jonathan King is to be released from prison early - not even usually early (he'd be officially ready for parole next tuesday, but he's going to be out of Maidstone on Thursday). Presumably the prison are just sick of having to fetch pens and paper to let King send yet another outraged letter to the press.

King intends to write a musical about the life of Cole Porter (we'd love to have been at his parole board when they asked "And how do you intend to support yourself if we do release you?"). But whatever will Phil Collins have to say about a man convicted of sexually abusing teenagers being released from prison?

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With regard that "vile Pervert" come take a look at my blog if you feel so inclined to sign my online petition to have him removed from the British Phonographic Industry "Man of the Year" for 1997.

My bog can be found here:




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