Tuesday, March 15, 2005


So, let's try and get this straight, then, Boy George: if someone does say "I'm gay", they can never be gay enough for you (like Rosie McDonnell); unless they're enjoying a lot of Orton-style gay sex, in which case they're reinforcing a stereotype (like George Michael). But then again, if they choose to exercise their choice not to comment, that's wrong as well. Yes, George has slapped down another former friend, Matt Lucas, who has failed George's impossible test of being just about gay enough:

"He wouldn’t talk about his sexuality, although he’s now made the queerest show in Britain. I found him prissy, a niggly diva."

Imagine being such a diva that Boy George thinks you're a diva. We're not entirely sure how Little Britain counts as "the queerest show in Britain" being half-made by David Walliams.

Of course, Boy knows that people only pay him any attention these days when he's doing his own bit for the bitchy queen 'type, and so he throws some more in - Elton John. Yes, he's not had a pop at him for about a week:

"Elton John is like our headmaster, the grand old dame of pop, with a beautiful voice but living in an ornate bubble, full of fresh flowers, surrounded by people who nod and laugh at everything he says, and he doesn’t have a sense of humour."

Boy George, of course, is a perpetual source of hilarity and joy. Oh, and there's a mysterious pop at George Michael:

"so desperate to be famous, he feared that if fans discovered he was ‘a true Greek’ it would all end in tears".

Must have been a different George Michael who made all those Yog jokes in Smash Hits.