Sunday, March 13, 2005


The FBI have decided they've got better things to do than waste any more time searching for who might or might not have killed the No-no-notorious BIG and have closed the case. An FBI spokesperson said "maybe we'll have another look if a rap record comes out called 'we killed biggie', or if there's a chance we can pin it on Jacko or something, but really..." and then he just shrugged and wandered off.

Seriously, the police had been investigating claims that a "rogue cop" had been involved in the murder, as if it wasn't part of that tiresome rap war at all. Biggie's mum is going ahead with her plans to sue LAPD over her belief that the cops have been attempting to cover up police invovlement in the BIG murder. That hits the courts on April 12th.

Clearly, though, the FBI don't share Lil'Kim's belief that the killing of Smalls was on a par with September 11th 2001.