Friday, March 11, 2005

A HELPING HAND: Jackson trial update

So, having turned up late and wearing pyjamas in a bid to take the focus off the evidence, what did young Gavin have to say that was so potentially damaging? Quite a lot, actually:

Jackson's accuser, now 15, told the jury how the 46-year-old singer had twice masturbated him to ejaculation.

"He asked me if I masturbated and when I said I didn't he said he would do it for me." The two, who had been drinking alcohol, then got under the covers of Jackson's bed, the boy alleged. "That's when he put his hands in my pants and started rubbing me."

On the second occasion that Jackson masturbated him, the boy said, the singer had tried to get him to do the same to him. "He grabbed my hand to get me to do it but I didn't want to," he said.

The defense cross-examination seemed less interested in the wanking; more outraged that Gavin had denied Jackson had helped him when he had cancer. Thomas Mesereau listed all the goodies that Jackson had given to the boy; Gavin replied that he'd felt heartbroken when Jacko suddenly withdrew his affection.

Judge Melville turned back to the late arrival of Jackson at the end of the day, giving him the opportunity to repost bail. The hospital Jackson went to with his Stan Ogden style bad back, meanwhile, issued a statement which didn't actually sound like it was saying "he came here for treatment":

"Michael Jackson was at Santa Ynez Valley hospital in the emergency room. We don't know why he was here. We don't know when he was here. He left at approximately 8.45."

The case continues. Jacko might turn up with a girdle today.