Monday, March 07, 2005


The Michael Jackson trial has picked up where it left off last week, with the cross-examination of Davellin Arviso, sister of the boy Jacko is accused of molesting. The defense played an audio tape - secretly recorded by a private investigator - where the family appeared to praise Jackson. Davellin broke down while the tape was playing, saying that she'd still liked Jackson when the tape had been made. The recording featured Davellin talking about the abuse they'd experienced by their own father. Under questioning, Davellin admitted she'd lied previously about details in the case.

Next prosecution witness was brother of the accuser, Star. Star told about the now-famous porn-and-Simpsons sessions:

He said that while looking at an image of a woman's breast Mr Jackson joked: "Got milk?".

He also said the singer whispered in the ear of his sleeping son: "You're missing some ..." using a vulgar term for female anatomy.

"Michael told us not to tell no one what we did - not to tell our parents what we did," he said.
There seems to have been a bit of a contradiction between the two sibling's versions, though: Davellin claimed the boys had spent their first night at neverland with Jacko; Star insisted the first night was spent with their own father, and the nights with Mickey came later.