Friday, March 11, 2005


How many times can Geri Halliwell do the "I'm happy with my bodyshape now" interview - usually before she balloons/voms down to a totally different shape three days later? As long, it seems, as rich pornographer Richard Desmond wants to keep paying her to do so:

Of course, much of the attention is focused on the Jackson trial, with Jacko's stunt back successfully deflecting attention from what was going on inside the courtroom. Even the Guardian finds front page space for the latecoming:

As do all three of the redtops, although the Mirror also squeezes on Robbie Williams transvestite adventures (all for charity, of course):

The Star:

The Sun is so excited by Michael in his nightwear, they don't even find room to mention they're being threatened with prosecution for incitement to racial hatred:

On the other side of the Atlantic, Jackson is also hogging the front pages of some of the covers. USA Today gives the story prime coverage:

... and it also gives the New York Post its lead:

But in Chicago, they're focusing on happier news: the truce between 50 Cent and The Game, which does, of course, threaten to save a large number of record sales ("lives"):

And in Dallas, all the talk is of Mary Kate and Ashley - apparently they're now demonstrating "Ashcan chic" (the international finals of Sweet Things Careering Furthest Off The Rails, with the Olsens v Charlotte Church, will take place this summer) - and the band The Afters, who are part of the Christian acts who try to keep that whole deity-worshipping stuff quiet: