Tuesday, March 15, 2005


We've just heard of the death of Kid Krupa, Revillo guitarist. The 17 year old Kid joined the band in 1980, spending a happy three years with the band before moving on to a number of other bands and session work for everyone from Roger Daltry to Shakin Stevens. Ill-health forced a change in direction, and he moved behind the production desk, although he'd still play from time to time: he played on the Japanese Revillos tour in 1994.

Kid joined the Revillos shortly after the band had split from their Sire contract and renamed themselves Revillos to keep the major label happy (Sire wouldn't tolerate their former serfs recording under the Rezillos name). They'd already had a smattering of hits under the new title, but during Krupa's time they recorded the textbook Revillo tunes Bongo Brain and She's Fallen In Love With A Monster Man.

Krupa died from complications relating to diabetes. He was 43.