Wednesday, March 09, 2005


In a 'something must be done' twittering, Al Sharpton has called for TV and Radio to ban artists connected to violent acts. Although all he's calling for is a ninety day ban, which seems almost pointless, especially looking at what he thinks the ban will do:

"There's a difference in the having the right to express yourself and in engaging in violence and using the violence to hype record sales, and then polluting young Americans that this is the key to success, by gunslinging and shooting."

Sharpton isn't so dull as to assume that this is a plan that's going to work, so we'll assume he's just attempting to kick-start a debate. Trouble is, it's the sort of debate which can rapidly run out of control, and before you know where you are Clear Channel will be adopting a policy of banning anyone who's ever been in any trouble with the cops. Except George W Bush, of course. His drink-driving never counts, for some reason.