Wednesday, April 20, 2005


We wonder if it's time for Noel Gallagher to be breaking out the Retinox and the Bosweloids - apparently he tells video directors to try and make Oasis look ten years younger. Presumably he means ten years younger than they look at the moment, rather than ten years younger than they actually are. Although what's the point? Make Liam look like he was born ten years later than he seems to have been, and you're still barely into the paeolithic era.

Noel doesn't like making videos:

"I fucking loathe videos. This is not the reason why I started a band, to stand on a video stage all day and mime a song 500 times, knowing that when you get to the end of the 499th, you're thinking, 'I don't even fucking like this song anymore, it's stupid.' But it's a necessary evil for me."

Odd that it takes 500 listens for Noel to become sick of an Oasis song - we find the average for us is somewhat less (about 499 times less, to be accurate). The thing, though, Noel, is that it's in no way an necessary evil at all - you don't need to make videos, and you don't even need to release records. A necessary evil is when a guy who works down a sewer has to wade through shit to get to work because he need the wages. You're free to stop at any time. In fact... that would make everyone happy.

Noel also has more to say ab...

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