Monday, April 11, 2005


He's deleted all the posts on his Limp Bizkit blog again - probably just as well, the April 1st stuff was so lame even we looked the other way and pretended it wasn't happening. Now, all there is this entry:


How totally gnomic. The bizkit diehards fall into two loose groupings, to judge by the comments: those who think that this is just about the smartest thing they've ever heard (like... it's just the music, man) and a larger group who are getting pissed off with all this Nancy Drew level mystery bullshit and want to know the release date of the album. To us, it we're reminded of the bit in Heathers where the priest goes "Eskimo."

Of course, all the mystery about what the album will called and when it will be released is sort of pointless as Amazon is already accepting pre-release orders for the album The Unquestionable Truth Part One, shipping from May 3rd.

And you've gotta love that "part one"; this stylish move adapted from Listen Without Prejudice Volume One, we suspect.

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