Thursday, May 26, 2005


There's bad news for Beth Orton fans, as she's decided she won't be able to make her July 5th date at Somerset House in London - recording the new album is taking longer than originally planned, apparently. We're not entirely clear why that means she couldn't take one night off to run through a few songs, but we're sure there are all sorts of matters we can't begin to grasp.

Meanwhile, a bunch of extra tickets have been made available for the other gigs in the series, which run as follows:
May 6 Doves

7 Queens Of The Stone Age

8 Super Furry Animals

9 The Mars Volta

10 Sigur Ros

11 Bright Eyes plus The Faint

12 Bloc Party plus The Kills & The Cribs

13 Los Lobos / Orishas

Meanwhile, it seems a Beth Orton compilation came out last year, which we're not entirely sure we heard of at the time; and maddeningly, they didn't call it 'The Best Bit', which is what we would have done: instead, they went with Pass In Time. Does that mean we're cheesier than record company marketeers?