Thursday, June 30, 2005


Never mind with the whole Pink Floyd coming back together stuff - Ringo Starr has announced that the Beatles nearly reformed becuase they were offered a slot on a show straight after a bloke wrestling a shark.

How cool would that have been?

Man and shark in combat; sudden end to the battle; on comes Dennis Norden or whoever - "Don't worry, folks, he'll get the best medical treatment money can buy. And once we've sorted the shark, we'll try and do something for the bloke. [Raucous applause]. Now, as they try to reuinte him and his arm, we've got a bit of a reunion going on ourselves... ladies and gentlemen, John, Paul, George... [makes great play of consulting clipboard] Rin-Go... The Beatles..."

They come on, do Hard Day's Night, Help and Twist and Shout, and that's it forever.

If you must have a reunion, do it for fun.