Tuesday, June 28, 2005


We're sure there have been other cases, but we're not sure off the top of our head that we can think of any: a band member is taking his band to court over unfair dismissal. Notebooks out, Pete Doherty:

John DeFazio was a member of Philadelphia's River City Brass Band until May 18th; then he was asked to put down his cornet and leave. He reckons it's because he's 58. And Italian. And a man. And because he had "opposition to commands that violated "sincerely held moral and ethical belief as to right and wrong.""

We'd imagine it would be that last one which was the clincher, as we'ved never heard anyone complain about someone playing the cornet with an Italian accent.

But what a wonderful precedent - we'd kill to see Frankie Poullian and Justin Hawkins down the Equal Opportunities Commission explaining their positions, and we know you would, too.