Wednesday, June 15, 2005


As the focus of Live 8 becomes more and more obscure, we wonder if Bob Geldof wouldn't have been better off heeding the words of a music greybeard who worried that the concept of staging a Live Aid II would just deflect attention and energy from the serious but complex business of trying to build a future for Africa:

"This only serves to undermine the concerted efforts of those concerned with the tragedy of poverty in Africa. However, if the Prime Minister wants to organise a Live Aid II, then good luck to him."

That, of course, was Bob's statement last May when The Sun ran rumours about a new Africa-boosting gig.

And while we're rummaging in quote box, did anyone else Gary Lightbody on BBC Radio talking about his memories of Live Aid, and how it was vital to a "ten year old boy" who'd "never seen any pictures of Africa." Eh? He might have been a bit young for Daktari, but never seen any pictures? I can remember when I was five our local community policeman brought in photos of his trip to Kenya, and I'm pretty certain there were pictures of zebras and lions in their natural habit knocking about our school as well. What was it like in the Lightbody house?

"Mum, can I one day go to Zambia?"
"Ooh, Gary, you with your strange ideas... Zambia isn't a real place, it's made up, like Oz and France..."
"But it's on this map..."
"That's not a real map, Gary, it's just pretend. You'll just have to accept there's no such thing as this Zambia."
"Mum... can you show me where to find some sense of emotion in music?"
"You're really pushing it with your fantasy world now, young man...."