Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Perhaps it's an indication of just how dull the heart of the Live 8 bill is - and the extent to which Bob's awareness-raiser is, usefully, going to suck support and attention away from the anti-capitalist demonstartions against the G8 - that the Daily Mail is really, really excited about it:

The Mirror is so excited by Annie Lennox and Craig David, it's given itself a 3D-effect headline:

As the Daily Star clears its front page (except for the half given over to Abi Titmuss sticking her chest out), you can't help but wonder if there's something satirical in their "Bob n Elton lead pop war for poor" subhead:

Surprisingly, the Morning Star is quite positive about the whole thing - presumably any march, even one organised by a multi-millionaire, is seen as a chance to distribute placards:

The Sun, clearly, isn't sure about all this helping people in Africa business - it restricts itself to printing the most chilling flyer in music history:

The Times also focuses on the musicians - which is, of course, the real problem with Live 8; however much Bob wants it to be primairily about raising awareness of international debt, the strongest message will be to raise awareness that Coldplay have a new album out:


Simon said...

Ananova's first paragraph: "Sir Bob Geldof has announced the line-up for his Live 8 concerts - and the Spice Girls are definitely not on the list." Well, he could have done with a major globally successful act in that line-up, couldn't he?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if all the back stage caviar will be of the free trade variety?
Can't help feeling that this concert stuff is all just a bit of fluffing for a lot of old stiffies (if you can excuse the metaphor) - but if the publicity makes us all stop drinking nescafe then it might be worth it

M.C. Glammer said...

A million people just don't fit onto the streets of Edinburgh, no matter how much you want to change the world. Well, they might just fit but they won't be marching anywhere.

It's a tragedy waiting to happen that's worrying us residents. That and our bloody council tax giving dreadlocked anarchists a looting party.

Still, free trade and all that. I've got a few square feet of floor space at £100 per sq foot, if you're interested.

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