Thursday, June 30, 2005


And, as Live 8 gets ever closer, the papers get more and more excited at the chance to fill acres of space with very little content - why, the only spot of gloom is that the baby-faced matricide/patricide court case happened at the same time. And the Daily Telegraph is quick off the blocks with its multipage special, in doubt about what's important about Bob's event: It's going to be the biggest TV event ever. Afri-what?

The Daily Express also has a nifty multi-page guide, but they've done their best work on the front page. "Everything you need to know about Live 8" it promises, next to a picture of Mariah Carey honking and Robbie Williams gurning. Yep, that's pretty much all we need to know.

Mind you, the "official poster" which gets its first trot out on the front of the Star tells you pretty much everything you need to know, too:

Good god, I hope to hell that was designed by a six year old through a Blue Peter competition and not by anyone who pretends to know about graphic design.

Of course, you have to look a little further afield to actually see why the whole simplistic "it Mariah Carey sings, everything will be alright" approach is tricky and somewhat irrelevant. The Guardian reports that the decisions are going to be taken in a meeting in London this week anyway; thirty ultradiplomats will be having "eleventh hour meetings" in which, as ever, they'll attempt to stitch up all our futures. It's not clear how many will be Elton John fans:

Meanwhile, the FT suggests that the IMF is starting to try and work against any new approach to Africa, making worried noises about how Aid might not, you know, drive growth:

Still, at least the Mirror knows what's important - steer clear of the uberpolitics, and keep with what's simple. Beyonce's arse: