Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Largely ignored by the world at large, the legal action following the fatal fire at the Rhode Island Great White gig grinds on and on; the latest spat between the bereaved's briefs and the lawyers representing the State centred on if the families could have access to carry their own trials out on samples of foam from the nightclub. The RI attorney general has issued a sort-of-apology for threatening to only allow the foam to be released providing none of it was destroyed in the process of testing (obviously, testing the fame retardance of an insulation would require at least a degree of destruction, so it would have hobbled the investigations quite badly.

The civil suits seek compensation for the fire victims and their families. Three people have been indicted in connection with the blaze and await trial on 200 counts of involuntary manslaughter. The criminal cases are before Darigan. Those charged are the owners of The Station, Jeffrey A Derderian and Michael A Derderian; and Great White tour manager Daniel M Biechele, who set off fireworks inside the nightclub. Prosecutors assert that the Derderians were criminally negligent when they decided to install the highly flammable polyurethane foam as soundproofing and then allowed bands to use pyrotechnics inside the club. All three defendants have pleaded not guilty. Their cases are not expected to go to trial until next year.


Anonymous said...

"fame retardance"

Best XRRF Mis-spelling evah.

Anonymous said...

It was a horrific tragedy, undoubtedly. But it isn't right to portray anyone involved as having malicious intent. I would be very angry and devastated, too, if someone I cared about had died in that club. But I just can't imagine the whole scenario being anything but a bad accident from a lack of pyrotechnic knowledge –combined with a venue lacking proper emergency exits (or letting too many people in). The whole thing is awful, but it wasn't an intentional, hateful act. I don't intend to downplay anyones feelings.

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