Wednesday, July 20, 2005


After seven weeks of quality nursing and care (after all, he wasn't an old lady in the Royal Sussex County), Brian Harvey has been released from hospital. But he's got a long journey back:

"He can't walk because he broke his pelvis in seven places," Emma B told OK magazine.

"He has a metal crossbar that sticks out of his pelvis which he's got to have on for 12 weeks. The ribs he broke are still quite sore but all the other injuries have mainly healed.

"Doctors told him that 99% of people with his injuries would have died, so it's a miracle he came through."

Hang about... Emma B? Weren't they meant to have broken up a while back? Wasn't that part of his circle of depression?

Emma B added: "Right now I wouldn't say he was suffering with depression. He feels lucky to be alive - he wants to live and be with me."

So, it's a happy ending then - Bry and B reunited, and OK interviews all round. If they could get him to do a single quickly enough, he could even get a Top 40 hit out of it all.