Tuesday, July 05, 2005


We're a bit bemused to see that the Daily Star thinks the massive, massive boost in CD sales for Live8 stars is an "exclusive" - bloody hell, it was even so obvious that it would happen it barely counted as news round our way. But perhaps they're calling the story an exclusive because they found out Will Young had taken part in the gig... oh, hang about...

... Robbie, is that you?

The Express, for some reason, chooses to conflate the Geldof gig with the Edinburgh riots - and while we understand that the Express would want to have a pop at the demonstrators, we're not sure why they'd want to suggest a link between Hyde Park and the G8 clashes:

Meanwhile, things are getting back to normal over at the Mail, when someone at the Beckhams realises it's nearly a week since Posh has been on the front page of any paper:

(For some reason, Posh was allowed to accompany David to push the British case for holding the Olympics; an excellent choice. We look forward to Paris 2012.)

And finally: tucked away in the corner of the Mirror - Martine McCutcheon. Bloody hell, it's like putting Lulu on the front page: