Saturday, July 23, 2005


The dragging of Jim Morrison's memory through the mud (and, let's face it, to do that takes a special sort of insult) by the touring of a version of the Doors with goth-at-c&a Ian Astbury taking his role seems to be at an end. An LA Court has ordered Ray Manzarek and Ronny Krieger to stop calling their band The Doors, as it breaks an agreement with the other surviving Door, John Densmore, to not use the name unless all three of them agree. Densmore brought a legal action in partnership with Morrison's parents, and the parents of his ex-wife, and is happy that justice has been done by the dead guy in the bath:

"I'm just so happy that the legacy of the true Doors, and Jim Morrison in particular, has been preserved by this decision."

Somewhere in LA, there are three blokes sat round a flipchart, brainstorming:

"How about the Early Doors?"
"Louvre Doors?"
"Fridge Doors?"
"Hey... what about The Cult Doors? Or Southern Death Doors Cult?"
"Shut the fuck up again, Ian, and go get us some bloody doughnuts..."