Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Our ears perked up when we heard Kelly Clarkson muttering about Hilary Duff:

"I want to be the new one. Two Texas girls go at it. And maybe throw in Beyonce. That's three Texas girls."

For a moment, we thought Clarkson was proposing the sort of thing that the government are rushing to ban from the internet. Then we realised she was just talking about wars of words:

"I'm going to start a fight. Me and Hilary Duff. Isn't she always in the news for being in fights with some other chick?"

Clarkson hasn't got this fighting thing off, has she? You don't just go up to someone and have a fight with them. Unless you drink in one of those single-storey, brick-built pubs on the edge of 1970s housing estates - you have to say something provocative about the other person, Kelly. Something interesting. Something to capture the attention.

Maybe your manager can help you with the being interesting thing.