Saturday, September 03, 2005


Former boyband member Bryan Abrams, who was in Color Me Badd, is being dragged into court - not to atone for his musical misdemeanours, but because he's sixteen thousand bucks behind on his child support (according to his ex-wife, CBS News' Shon Gables). Shon is ganging up on him with his more recent ex-wife, Ashly Abrams, who had been underwriting Abram's legal bills prior to their marriage going belly-up as well; since then, Bryan's not been doing anything to help with their kid, either.

Bryan Abrams issued a statement claiming, "My ex-wife's allegations are simply that: 'allegations.' I prefer to tell my side of the story in court, where I am confident that God will see that truth prevails." Abrams attorney, Floyd Taylor, told District Judge Allen J. Welch that his client didn't know about the child support agreement and is seeking to have it overturned.

Not one to give up, Bryan is engaged to a third woman - Kim Frazier - and working on a solo album. Although his day job seems to be working in a tyre shop.

Clearly, Sexing You Up has fiscal consequences.