Friday, September 02, 2005


Are the record labels really that arsed about filesharing at all? We only ask because, if it's worth suing dead people and twelve year-olds over, wouldn't you expect to see panic, fear and a sense of meltdown if something like, say, the Rolling Stones new album leaked online?

Only it has, and the official response from EMI is, well, "Do I look bovvered?":

"Low-quality" files of tracks from the album were found posted on the internet on 29 August, a spokeswoman for the group's label EMI confirmed.

"The material became available online after the songs were streamed on authorised websites and played on the radio," she said.

"It was a major achievement to keep this album secure so close up to the commercial release date."

If record labels suddenly getting a sense of perspective, does that mean the RIAA is pursuing a campaign in the name of its members which its members no longer believe in?