Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Just when you thought Mindy McCready's telenovella life couldn't get any worse, she pops up in court to explain away her overdose: apparently she was pregnant:

By the end of June, she learned she was with child and that's when she took off to the Sunshine State. "I attempted to commit suicide after I found out," she told Judge Jeff Bivins, per the Nashville Tennessean. "I had just been through a horrible ordeal."

The baby was thrown into court as part of an attempt to get terms of McCready's bail relaxed. Jude Bivins refused, but McCready threw herself on the mercy of the court.

"If I can't travel more than 50 miles from home" she wailed "how can I be a guest on Oprah?"

Because this is America, the judge agreed to allow her to attend the show - even though what McCready realy needs is not to be parading her misery on TV right now.

There was also some trouble over her community service:

Bivins also ordered her to begin performing community service as agreed to under the terms of her 2004 plea bargain. McCready said she was under the impression she could give a benefit concert to satisfy the requirement, but Bivins said there was no such stiputation in her deal.

... presumably because a concert by her right now isn't going to be much of a boost for any community.

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