Sunday, October 30, 2005


According to the second-most lurid thing in today's News of the World, Pete Doherty might have managed to get over Kate Moss slightly more quickly than he was able to get over the drucks. He's got himself a new girlfriend reckons the paper, and it's disgusted:

Babyshambles singer Doherty romanced fan Nuha Razik as Kate battled her cocaine addiction.

Doherty was in London with art student Nuha, 23. Our revelations will plunge 31-year-old Kate into new despair.

... or they can only hope. We're not quite sure why the red top thinks Pete finding someone else is a bad thing - hasn't Fleet Street spent the last seven days telling Kate she should get rid anyway? Isn't this what they wanted?

We can reveal how Doherty, 26:
# POUNCED on pretty Nuha during a booze-up on his tour bus, serenading her with a drunken rendition of her favourite Babyshambles track, Fuck Forever.

Lucky her favourite wasn't What Katy Did, I guess...

# BEGGED her to stay with him for the rest of his tour - even as his girlfriend's world was collapsing around her in London

Really? But the paper's account seems to suggest that all that happened on their first meeting was a bit of a drunken snog; they only got together on October 2nd, by which time Kate was well into her "rehab" - indeed, it's likely she was heading off to rehab by the time Babyshambles had finished their Rock City gig. (If the London tabs reported her as checking in on their 29th September editions, they'd have had to have known by teatime in the UK on the 28th, which makes it seem certain Moss would have had to have actually entered rehab sometime in the 24 hours previously and so would probably have set out for the states sometime on the 26th - so, far from collapsing around her in London, she'd already have been in the PR fightback by then.)

# HIRED besotted Nuha as his PA once Kate was out of the country, getting her to help design his next album cover as the pair became inseparable,

Or, rather Nuha's "pal" says that she told them that Pete was going to pay her to be a PA, which doesn't quite constitute a legal hiring in our book.

# BRAZENLY paraded the young beauty in front of a group of Kate's shocked close friends at a party... The final insult to Kate came last week when Doherty paraded Nuha in front of the model's friends at a dinner party thrown by Pogues front man Shane MacGowan.

The only real eyebrow raising element of the whole incident is the mental image of this dinner party - Shane McGowan inviting Pete Doherty round for a dinner party? Wouldn't you love to be the thirteenth guest there?

"Profiteroles! How lovely!"
"They are M&S, I cheated a little..."
"You'd never tell, they're like home made... and the punch?"
"Oh, that is home-made - family recipe; the knack is in when you add the lighter fluid, not in how much. Can I help you to more coke?"
"This really is very good..."
"Oh, yes... even the washing powder it's been cut with is ecological friendly..."

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