Thursday, October 13, 2005


There was a time, Howard Jones once observed, when there was nothing at all, just a distant hum. A little bit later on, there was a time when if a first play of a pop video was given a scheduled slot on a major channel, it would be something fairly significant: like when The Rolling Stones did their IBA-worrying Undercover clip, or Michael Jackson danced with zombies. Now, though, it seems like any old tune can get a "world premiere" on Channel 4. Last night, for example, there was Will Bloody Young doing it straight after Lost.

Will Young.

The video isn't even anything much to write home about - it's another lame pastiche/remake/tribute to Top Gun, with Will Young taking the Tom Cruise role. By which we don't mean "slightly pudgy-faced gay man pretending to be a rabidly heterosexual airplane pilot for the purposes of a film", of course.

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