Friday, November 25, 2005


It's not exactly going to come as a surprise, really, but Take That are signing up for a hobble round the country. The really good news, of course, is that Robbie Williams isn't going to be part of the deal.

Victoria Newton's Sun coverage of the reunion is a bit of a hoot:

I hinted last year that they would stage a string of gigs to mark the tenth anniversary of their 1996 split — now it seems I was RIGHT.

But it's not really much of a prediction if all you do is drop a vague hint, is it? It's not like Gordon Brown's pre-budget report is going to say "nobody count chickens" and then next June when the economy collapses he'd be able to go round saying "well, I tried to warn you."

I reckon there is plenty of nostalgia for a hit tour.

Nostalgia for something that hasn't happened yet?

And I have been flooded with calls from fans asking when the lads will gig again. Well, now I’ll be interested to see if next year’s crowds are still full of screaming girls — or mumsy former fans.

But why would a former fan go to see a band they were no longer a fan of? Also, since a lot of Take That fans weren't even past puberty, many of the people who loved them back in the early 90s are going to be younger than you, Vicki, rather than the Manilow-esque parade of 'mumsies' you predict.

But I imagine their stage shows will be different from the spectaculars of old.

You think? You think that being ten years older and not actually having to do this might mean they might not try breakdancing?

And it has to be a worry that the lads will miss their biggest showman — Robbie.

No it's not - in fact, the presence of Britain's Most Self-Obssesed Man on the stage would have ruined everything, surely, turning the That Reunion into a 'Robbie and old pals' act.

He has a tour of his own to worry about — but after snubbing his ex-bandmates at their greatest hits launch, it would be nice for him to join his old pals for a one-off show.

Only if they warn people. Can you imagine turning up, excited, to see Take That for the first time in a decade, only to discover that you couldn't see the band because Robbie Williams' ego was between you and the stage?


Anonymous said...


Face facts - Robbie Williams *is* a 21st century Scott Walker.

To paraphrase John Peel: You know it, I know it all god's children know it.


Simon Hayes Budgen said...

He's not a 21st century scott walker - he's more like a 21st century annie walker: over-inflated opinion of himself, lumbered with a dreadful career but people are nice to him in the hope they can get a drink or two out of him. (Coming tomorrow: why James Blunt is the Albert Tatlock of our times).

Do you think Scott Walker would have done panto in Stoke?

Anonymous said...

The evidence: In massive boyband, quits to make increasingly eccentric solo records, criminally underrated by the critics at the time.

Then it takes Julian Cope to revive his career 20 years after original popularity.

I'm looking forward to 2013 myself.


Anonymous said...

Clearly Robbie couldn't join in. People might think he was gay.

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