Thursday, November 24, 2005


If Gary Glitter was hoping for a quick resolution to the allegations that he was teaching something other than English to those girls who he believed were in their twenties, he's going to be having a disappointing day. Vietnam police have announced they intend to keep Gadd in detention for at least four months while they investigate the claims.

At the moment, Glitter is being held without charge - in Vietnam, police have nine days to decide if there is enough evidence to charge a suspect, but they are able to request a longer period of detention. Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Duc Trinh doesn't sound like he expects to be turned down:

Trinh said police have gathered enough evidence in the last five days to request an order that would formalize and extend the ex-rocker's current detention outside Vung Tau.

Police have obtained statements from five girls about their sexual involvement with Glitter, including a 12-year-old girl, and compiled medical evidence of potential abuse, Trinh said.

During questioning sessions, Glitter "admitted he had intercourse with a lot of Vietnamese women," Trinh said.