Friday, November 04, 2005


Following on from our piece on the Ofcom raids yesterday, Matt T got in touch to bring a feature on last night's PM programme to our attention. The BBC accompanied the police and ofcom on a raid (which, disappointingly for the package, turned up no evidence of wrongdoing, apart from the apparent lack of a warrant shown to the premise's owner before the raid) during the course of which, an Ofcom spokesperson said that "he believed" drug dealers were being told when to pick up their stash by pirate stations playing certain songs at certain times.

Yes, that's exactly what he said [mp3 download - right click and save as]

Presumably it's more fun to do that than the slightly more-reliable use of pay-and-go untraceable mobiles, even although there's a danger the dealer might not realise it was the Boom Boom Boy remix he was listening to, sending him to Chippenham instead of Beckenham.

We expect the guys who sell guns use semaphore and whistling to direct their customers to the drop-off points.


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