Saturday, November 19, 2005


Ooh, Robbie Williams ears will be burning this morning, what with him being the subject of a stinging attack from Louis Walsh:

And he couldn’t disguise his glee after his band Westlife knocked Robbie off the top of the album charts.

He said: "I’m delighted about that. Robbie is just a jumped up karaoke singer. I have no idea why he’s been so successful."

Well, it's a fair point - although a bit unfair to try and push the current series of The X Factor (or "oh, Come Dancing's on the other side now, isn't it?" as it's known in most homes) by having a pop at Robbie the same week they tried to push the current series of the X Factor by saying that Robbie was a big fan. And to suggest that Westlife are any better is a bit rich - they tend to give off the air of a band who are reading words scrolling up a nearby screen themselves, you know, Louis.

Then, perhaps getting a little confused, Louis Walsh started on Boyzone, presumably forgetting they were his fault in the first place:

He then hit out at [...] Boyzone, saying only "Stephen Gately and Ronan Keating were good singers".

He's half right, there, too. The rest of Boyzone were rubbish. He's on slightly shakier ground when he claims that Ronan was any good. And just looks like the sort of man with an enormous beard with bees living in it when he reckons Gately was.