Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Move over Sappho. After centuries as being the leading writer on the love of women for other women, she's been bested. By Kerry Katona. Apparently she has a column in OK, and to fill it this week she's apparently had three Malibus and had somebody transcribe how there's not anything wrong with it:

“I think lesbianism is great! This is 2005 – there are so many lesbians out there that it’s right to see it on TV. Besides, every woman has a bit of bisexuality in them. Look – a pair of lips are lips. It doesn’t matter if they belong to a girl or boy! If I was asked to go lesbian in a film I would definitely do it. I want to be an actress and if that’s what the role required I’d do it. I think a woman’s body is beautiful.
I wouldn’t let my daughters see me star in a love scene, though, but then I wouldn’t let them see me doing it with a guy either.”

We do wonder if her comment on "a pair of lips is a pair of lips" suggests that Kerry doesn't actually realise that there's more to lesbianism than just kissing - something that's reinforced by the bit about how she'd "go lesbian in a film if the role required it" (and, frankly, Kerry, having seen your acting in the Iceland ads, we'd expect any film role you get offered will probably require quite a bit of that sort of thing): does she realise that in a film, it's acting, and when people onscreen appear to have sex, they're not really doing it? We're picturing Kerry turning down a role in Pirates of Carribean because she's not a good sailor and didn't want to have her eye poked out and replaced with an eyepatch.