Tuesday, December 13, 2005


There's an ominous sound of doors being left open as Take That expand their tour to include the new Wembley Stadium (assuming the builders ever finish it) - the sound of Robbie Williams realising he may have been a bit hasty.

Now that it's clear the shows are heading for triumph, it looks like Williams is starting to realise he might need to show up:

Gary Barlow said: "A couple of the lads have spoken to Robbie since we announced the tour and he's delighted for us. The offer is there to join us on stage and it's not been a 'no' from him. It would be great if he could make the final show at Wembley."

"Great" in the sense of "oh, Jesus, if he must show up can't he be made to do an earlier one rather than just schlepping on for the finale and sucking all the joy out the event?", of course.