Sunday, February 12, 2006


This week's most accessed top ten individual pages from the whole of No Rock:

1. The round up when we first mentioned how well Chantelle Houghton naked was doing on Google
2. The second mention. Do you see a pattern?
3. John Lydon is disgusted by Green Day
4. For the love of God, Avril dissed Britney two years ago
5. Pete Doherty avoids prison
6. Paris Hilton's December MySpace fakes
7. NFL bleeps out Jagger's cock
8. Is KT Tunstall a lesbian? Is it her braces?
9. Michael Jackson goes to the Vatican
10. Pete Burns face doesn't come cheap

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This week's big story has been the Grammys, which saw U2 winning more than they deserved, a massive strop from Paul McCartney and Kanye West not actually understanding the concept of losing:

Macca is so angry, he snubs the Dame
Kanye's post-prize press conference: A moral victory
Malaysia averts its collective eyes from Madonna's grape leotard
Madonna turns up without her band
Bloggy Grammy round-up
The winners in full
Full list of nominations

And, this week, doing our bit to keep Big Music afloat, we plugged:

Immerse yourself in Sparks and yer actual baroque fantasy

New Belle & Sebby falls slightly into the "again?" trap

There is life beyond b&s, as indie-folk meets pre-emo

Of course it's a concept album, it's bloody Tiga

The Spinto band get a "not quite a re-release" type new label makeover