Sunday, February 19, 2006


The top ten most viewed individual posts on No Rock this week have been:

1. The summary of the week Chantelle Houghton first became a celebrity, and thus googled by people looking for her tits
2. Is KT Tunstall gay? Or is it just her lesbian braces?
3. Yes, people are still discxovering the May 2004 spat between Avril and Britney
4. More Chantelle-centric reviews of the week - we're tempted to say Chantelle Houghton topless this week just to see what happens
5. ITV eventually shows the Brits, but no amount of offline editing could make them entertaining
6. What The Pop Papers Say: Pete's prison diaries and another visit to the old folk's punk home
7. The Brits - the only major awards show where everyone knows who wins before they're on the TV
8. Pop paper sales - Kerranng closes in on NME again
9. Janet's not getting fat, she's learning a role
10. Pete Burns - the engagement's off

The big thing of the week has been the Brits, and these were the Brits posts:

Weller kicks razorlight out his party
ITV show the event, just after it's got cold - our as it happens coverage
The awards bring Madge and Guy together for a few minutes
Coldplay's office denies they're breaking off, up, or out
Chris Martin holds out prospect of a world without Coldplay
Weller sort of says sorry to James Blunt
Hrad-Fi say they'll sell their prizes. [They don't win any]
The full list of winners

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From the search engines:

We don't do this every week, partly because it's of very little interest to anybody, we suspect, but the perpetual search for Edith Bowman Topless is still bringing people in - not as many seeking a glimpse of either Chantelle's breasts or knickers, of course, but still doing well; and that other perpetual favourite, "KT Tunstall gay" and/or "KT Tunstall lesbian" has had a little flip this week. More interestingly, "Robbie Williams 'Scott Walker'" brought a surprising number of visitors to the site; "monade wmfu" was the 8th most popular search term this week and, making first appearances in the top 20 were "sleepingwiththenme" and, in a related bout of searching, Tim Jonze.

And, this week we clambered on board the buy/sell bandwaggon to tempt you with these:

"Instead of peace and revolution/we've got AIDS and Whintey Houston" - the Chesterfields all rounded up

Ongoing Felt reissues hits 1987 classic

It's been way, way too long - welcome back, Beth Orton

Tilly & The Wall press our Sleater-Kinney buttons, and you know how much we love them

Yes! They're still going! Hoorah!

David Essex in leather trousers, with a throbbing engine between his legs