Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Kind of ironic that all of a sudden Brian May has become a friend of the hedgehog world, having previously been in league with Ford, a company dedicated to getting people to drive over as many small mammals as possible (we believe it's in their corporate mission statement, if you want to check), but he's joining the call for the Uist hedgehog cull to be stopped:

"For some time I have been aware that hedgehogs on the Uists are being killed for 'conservation' purposes.

"As someone who believes that all animals are worthy of respect, this is of great concern to me.

"I understand that scientific evidence shows that hedgehogs can be translocated successfully. I therefore cannot understand why SNH is continuing with the policy of unnecessarily killing these animals.

"I urge SNH to reconsider any plans it has to continue slaughtering these healthy wild animals. Instead, please work with the Uist Hedgehog Rescue experts to relocate these animals to the mainland where they can live out their lives."

The hedgehogs are being killed because people on Uist hate tiny mammals and have run out of voles to terrorise (or the hogs eat birds eggs, or something) and the annual cull usually sees an awful lot of effort being put into killing two or three hogs.

A spokesperson for badgers was heard muttering "oh sure, help them... what about us, eh? What about us?"

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