Monday, March 13, 2006


With the FA keen to avoid any nasty behaviour tied to the past history of our two nations when England travel to Germany for the World Cup. In a bid to put the idea that we've never got over the two world wars behind us, they're thinking of getting the Kaiser Chiefs to do the official song.

Presumably Craig Ferguson was unwilling to revive his Bing Hitler character.


Anonymous said...

Considering the band name's origins, maybe they're recording the song for the next World Cup. As its undoubtably going to be some pisspoor gung-ho floor-killer, can't we take a leaf out of the England football team's book? As they rehash their tactics again and again (Rooney and Owen up front chasing long balls or Beckham crosses), why don't we just re-release The Farm's "All Together Now" or the New Order song with a contemporary rap by the winners of Rooney & co's rap contest?

Anonymous said...

The Kaiser Chiefs name only has any connection to Germany by accident. They are named after the Kaizer Chiefs football club; the football club is named after Kaizer Motaung, a South African footballer.

No doubt this will all be overlooked and the FA will get a load of unjustified abuse, rather than the clueless band who managed to get their name wrong in the first place.

dickvandyke said...

I predict a water cannon

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