Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Well, that's the FA out of that awkward hole: the Kaiser Chiefs don't want to do a song for England*:

"We're flattered about these rumours regarding the England football team's World Cup song, but there's no truth in them, they are just rumours. The only writing we'll be doing in the next few months will be for our next album. We have no plans to write the England football team's World Cup song. Sorry to dispel the myth."

* - and as such are TREACHEROUS TRAITORS. And you know what we do with traitors, don't you?


Anonymous said...

Well, thank god for that!!!!

Anonymous said...

Meh. There has never been a decent football song. No. There. Hasn't.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Although I know getting The Boys In The Old Brighton Blue past your standardometer would be tricky ("football's our game, Brighton's our name" they said, neither of which were entirely true), surely I Ludicrous' Moynihan Brings Out The Hooligan In Me is a decent football song?

And what about the On-U stuff, like the Billy Bonds flexi?

And The Goldstone Rap ("when a seagull scores, you can hear for miles/ you can hear the cheering from the Seven Dials")?

M.C. Glammer said...

I read they turned it down because they're "too cool." After weeks of negotiations with the FA, of course.

McFly may now do it so at least it'll have a bit of a singalong quality.

Whatever happened to the song Franz Ferdinand had apparently already written for the Scotland campaign that failed so spectacularly? Maybe they could sing it for England instead. They'd love that.

All this as a Boro fan is stabbed by masked Italians. I predict calls from the usual sources [Scots, Germans, French, Argentinians] for England to be banned because of our dreadful hooligans.

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