Wednesday, March 01, 2006


The US hasn't had a British bloke at number one since Elton John did that song about the woman who forgot to put her seatbelt on.

Nine years later, James Blunt has ended the drought.

We were going to apologise to America but, frankly, a nation which buys Candle In The Wind and You're Beautiful in such large quantities gets what it deserves.


ian said...

Look on the bright side. He might have to embark on a 9 month tour of the US, thus reducing our exposure to his execrable dirge

[Word Verification: NoIQq. What does it all mean?]

Anonymous said...

On the brighter side, he may do a Madonna (marry one of the locals and settle down far, far, far away).

The word verification scheme is either there to stop spam or its the latest "OED - Advanced Scrabble Edition" entries. Can't remember which.

Mme. Pop Culture said...

We're gonna send you some more Mariah Carey just to get you back...

Anonymous said...

Kind of strange that he has the #1 single in the country since I am employed at a mainstream music chain and have not seen a single copy of said single for sale.


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