Monday, March 20, 2006


The most worrying thing for Pink as she prepares to marry Carey Hart isn't, surprisingly, that she's about to throw her lot in with someone who rides on motorbikes for a living and the lack of long-term prospects, plus dangers of oil-stained rugs, that implies: she's worried that contenment might sap her creativity:

It's much harder to write when you are in love.

"You need to turn that off and go watch the news, or talk to a friend, or have a fight' well there are sides. There is definite passion in our relationship, which always helps. "

If being happy makes her music rubbish, she must have been gurgling like an Eed-up newborn in a clean nappy when she made the last album.


Anonymous said...

Didn't she, uh, already get married? In Costa Rica, on January 7th? Can't believe ya missed it...

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Good lord, you're right... and we didn't miss it, either:

I suspect I must be in denial. Like I am about the last album, come to that.

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