Sunday, March 19, 2006


Betting without these weekly round-ups, these have been the ten most-read individual things on No Rock this week:

1. Kanye West loves the Arctic Monkeys - they're like Phil Collins
2. Is KT Tunstall gay? No
3. Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears get wrapped up in a verbal hair-pulling. In May 2004.
4. FA try to avoid reopening Second World War wounds by inviting Kaiser Chiefs to record a single
5. Kylie returns - on an elephant
6. Bin Laden's neice removes clothes, surname
7. Courtney and Coogan still at it
8. Ryan Adams thieves looking at 11 years in prison
9. John Lydon still doesn't like Green Day
10. Britney sues to stop people thinking she might flog herself with sex

Or enjoy the whole week in one page;
or enjoy even more the week before boiled into one post

Hoping to make enough to buy a small baronetcy, we pointed you in the direction of some re-released gems:

Part of a small flurry of post-Field Mice re-releases sees Trembling Blue Stars' Lips That Taste re-emerge

A double-disc reworking of The Fall's Middle Class Revolt

Yes, it's another re-issue: Holly Golightly's 1996 sophomore collection

The first season, which means you get the full introduction from Dahl sat in his "study" before a not-entirely-surprising half hour shaggy dog yarn

Includes - we're not making this up - "concert commentary from Niles Rodgers

Martin Roach's 1992 grebo handbook has "been fully updated", although with what we're not sure...

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