Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Daniella WestbrookOf all the voices piping up with their opinion on Pete Doherty, perhaps the most surprising one is that of Danniella Westbrook, the woman who is known, mostly, for doing so much coke her nose turned into one giant nostril. She doesn't approve:

EX-cocaine addict Danniella Westbrook yesterday slammed rocker Pete Doherty — for glamorising drugs.

Yeah, pisisng your talent away, turning up as mumbling buffoon, ripping your flesh open, debasing yourself for a few quid - Doherty makes it look like Thursday night at the Ritz-Carlton ballroom.

She warned that kids see junkie Pete, 27, as “exciting”.

Do they? Only we've not seen I Love Stars recently, but we'd have thought that Doherty has a limited appeal to kids. You know, a soap star in a family television programme rolling round clubs and parties coked off her tits - that might make coke seem exciting to kids. A stinky old man who makes non-nursery music? Less so.

But what can be done, Danni?

But Danniella, 33, whose habit rotted away her nose, said: “He won’t try and help himself until he decides to — and that can be a very long road.”

Aaah. I see. So, you're saying, that unless he decides to do something about his drug problem, he won't try to do something about it? Thank heavens for your insight.


Anonymous said...

D'yer think she's related to Gennaro, with her blinding flashes of insight?

Eleanor G

Anonymous said...

Innit! What a wanker! Haha!

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