Monday, April 03, 2006


Having lined her up for a chat show, ITV are now showing signs of jitters. Perhaps they've realised that she's a little bit unlikeable.

Paul O'Grady, whose defection sparked the panicked signing, used to have a little dog on the show. People liked that. Can they come up with a cute idea for Sharon like that?

Yes: exactly like that: Sharon Osbourne will have a little dog on the show.

It's not the only idea she's borrowing from Paul, either. Paul used to be known for dressing up unconvincingly as a woman.

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(please cut and paste the above)

could you please help me, I want to find the girl who won the bid to spend a day with the Osbournes.

I want to give her the money back.

please pass this around until I find her.

Thanks for your help

Paul Manning

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